I want to work/return to work

Return to work with your own coach

Return to work via Roads is an intensive counselling programme. The programme is designed around your specific qualities and you set the pace.

From benefit to employment

At Roads we offer:

  • Personal counselling and coaching
  • A regular return to work coach
  • If necessary a suitable work experience placement
  • Training
  • Counselling at the workplace

The steps that suit your situation

Returning to work becomes more difficult the further separated you become from the labour market.

That is why we at Roads focus on possibilities. Together with your coach, you will investigate what we can do for you, to make the return to paid employment easier.

We always take the strengths of our clients as the starting point. We ensure a personal experience by providing a dedicated and expert return to work coach.

The result: personal coaching during your return to the labour market, but at a pace that suits your situation.

Let’s take the next step together

Returning to work is a difficult (and a very large) step towards recovery. We will be with you when you make that step.

Our coach has an extensive network. Together, we will find a workplace that matches your capabilities, without temporary limitations getting in the way.

A single regular coach throughout the process

  • Our coaches have a no-nonsense mentality.
  • Our coaches speak in normal, everyday language.
  • Our coaches look at possibilities, but understand if something is not achievable, right now.