I am a closely involved person

Closely involved persons are essential allies when it comes to a client’s recovery. We at Roads recognise the importance of encouraging clients to involve those closely involved persons and to include them in the programme they follow at Roads.

Partner, family member or friend

If you want, you can bring a partner, family member or friend with you to the first meeting at Roads. At a later stage, in consultation with your counsellor, you can involve them in the process.
Roads is part of Arkin. The Closely Involved Persons Council at Arkin represents the collective interests of all persons closely involved with clients within Arkin. Read more about the Closely Involved Persons Council on the Arkin website.

Additional information

For additional information for closely involved persons and family care givers with relation to COVID-19, you can visit the Arkin site.

Arkin also runs a special YouTube channel for closely involved persons, Naastenhuis.

For general information for closely involved persons with mental healthcare clients in the Amsterdam region, visit the special website.

For more information about support for closely involved persons, visit the Arkin basic mental healthcare website.